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Starting Your Online Business

a laptop and a cup of coffeeWhen it comes to running a successful online affiliate business, it is important to firstly present the right image and to choose the right platform from which to operate from.

Having the right platform will provide a base for your affiliate business for you to start to be able to share your thoughts and information with people and start to present yourself as someone of influence within your niche.

The Ideal Platform For Your Online Business

A blog is the ideal platform from which to operate an affiliate business as you can remain in complete control of it at all times.

It would be a bad move to only base your business around a third party platform such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Google Adwords for example as you will not be in complete control.

If one of these companies decided to change it’s usage rights, as they do from time to time or if the company sold or went bust then this could potentially jeopardize your entire business.

This happened to my friend John who had built an affiliate business around Google but Google decided to change it’s usage rights and poor John, along with thousands of others lost their livelihood without any warning!

Setting Up A Blog For Your Online Business

BlogWhen setting up a blog, providing you use your own hosting with a company like Hostgator for example, and have your own domain name then you will remain in complete control and it doesn’t matter what the other big companies out there do.

Don’t settle for free hosting from companies like WordPress.com or any others.

If you are using WordPress.com for your hosting and you are selling products, once they find out that you are monetizing your blog then they will shut you down.

The best option for your affiliate business is to buy your own hosting (you can get this for as cheap as $4.95 per month with Hostgator) and buy your own domain name from either GoDaddy.com or Namecheap.com (about $10 per year).

You can then upload WordPress onto your hosting and you will be able to monetize your blog. Uploading WordPress onto your hosting is very easy to do. Watch the video below to show you how;

I’ve Got My Blog Set Up On My Own Hosting For My Business, What Now?

From here, using your blog as your central base you will want to be posting regular content in relation to your niche.

Ideally, one blog post per day would serve you really well, however as long as you can publish 3-4 per week then that is also very good going.

Your blog posts ideally should be around 1,000-1,500 words in length. On your blog you can have a few affiliate links and banners to monetize.

Now you can start to use some of the other third party platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter etc in conjunction with your blog.

Try to avoid getting involved with too many third party platforms as you need to keep consistency with them, two or three should be plenty.

However, I think for an affiliate business, one of them really needs to be YouTube as it is really a fantastic tool.

I find YouTube, Twitter and Facebook all work well together and it is easy to use the social media platforms to bring people to your blog by posting a status or tweeting about your blog posts and videos.

Create A Mailing List For Your Business

EmailYour blog definitely needs to contain an optin form and preferably at the top right hand side of your page.

This is for you to collect peoples email addresses as this is the best way to promote your affiliate products.

Now is the ideal time to open an account with AWeber so you can set up your auto-responder.

This will be key to your affiliate business as it is your sales funnel, providing your list with great products, free gifts and helpful tips!

Looking For More Business Start Up Ideas?

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